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Ashley Rhodes-Courter, MSW, has spoken in almost all 50 States and many countries to students, colleges, educators, social workers, youth groups, Resident Advisor and Student Life organizations, and other community groups. She is the New York Times and International Bestselling Author of, “Three Little Words” and “Three More Words.” These titles have been used around the country as part of many curriculums, and are frequently used at the middle, high school, and collegiate levels. “Three Little Words” is one of the most requested and award-winning titles for First Year Experience (FYE) programs nationally.

Ashley’s commencement speeches, lecture series, workshops and events inspire students and professionals in profound ways. Education was one of her keys to surviving in foster care and she learned that “my education was something no one could take from me.”

Available Keynote Presentations Designed for Educational Organizations:

The Keys to the Kingdom: School as Sanctuary

Ashley talks about the importance of recognizing strengths, engaging students and youth, and reminds us that school may be the only sanctuary some students have.

Keynote, Commencement, and Workshop options are individualized for each group. Areas of expertise for Youth and Professionals can include information from the following topics:

  • Tips for teaching through tough times or connecting with troubled or difficult students
  • Explore why some students act the way they do: the impact of coming from a broken home
  • How to engage beyond the textbooks
  • Provide potential assessment tools
  • Helping Students succeed and transition
  • The ACEs Decoded: Working through Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Trauma Informed Classrooms
  • LGBTQ+ issues and understanding
  • How to create safer, more inclusive schools
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Transitioning to College and Collegiate Success

Personalized Student and Educator programs are available upon request. Contact Ashley’s Booking Agent for more information:

Donna Buttice
Platinum Speakers Agency
Phone:  (630) 330-7533

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