Ashley attributes education as a key cornerstone of her success. In this presentation, Ashley talks about the importance of recognizing strengths, engaging students and youth, and reminds us that school may be the only sanctuary some children have. Ashley gives us a unique glimpse into the lives of children that may have abusive or troubled home lives, and discusses how that can translate in the classroom. Ashley also gives customized presentations to students and youth for schools, colleges, libraries, graduations, and student organizations.

“I was lucky enough to have teachers who took a special interest in me—an uncertain foster child—and nurtured me in the classroom where I felt safe.  They made me feel special, talented, and encouraged me to continue to excel academically. Teachers or administrators also called in abuse complaints and tried to protect me—even when they were ignored many times. One anonymous call probably saved my life.”

Partial List of Takeaways:

  • Tips for teaching through tough times or connecting with troubled or difficult students
  • Explore why some students act the way they do: the impact of coming from a broken home
  • How to engage beyond the textbooks
  • Provide potential assessment tools




  • Breaking the cycle: moving beyond your circumstances in the short and long-term
  • Setting and achieving goals: identifying individual strengths and next steps
  • Finding outlets:  how to express and share your own story in a healthy way
  • Encouraging success inside and outside the classroom
  • Improve communication:  what your verbal and non-verbal communication is saying
  • Taking responsibility and owning your life and experience
  • See beyond bullying
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